What is OASFAA?

The Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (OASFAA) is a non-profit, professional organization for individuals actively engaged in the administration of financial aid in higher education within the State of Ohio. As an educational organization, OASFAA strives to offer resources to students, families and high school advisors to promote higher education and increase awareness of financial aid opportunities. As a professional development organization, OASFAA offers state-wide opportunities for training, through annual conferences, regional meetings professional development opportunities, and other training events. These opportunities cover current topics, research and many other areas ranging from counseling techniques to the fundamentals of student aid delivery. As an organization representing over 400 members from over 200 institutions operating within the State of Ohio, OASFAA serves a diverse group of practitioners. As a unified voice for these individuals, OASFAA strives work to work with organizations across the State to address concerns relating to its mission and to promote the use of financial assistance to students and families facing the expenses of higher education.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators shall be to ensure access to higher education through the promotion of financial aid awareness.

Further, the mission of the Association is to affect public policy initiatives, to promote ethical administration of student aid programs, and to encourage an environment of cooperation among individuals, agencies, organizations and educational institutions to better serve all student populations.


OASFAA's Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators empowers its members to embrace and encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion as we advance our mission. The Association commits to nurturing diversity by sharing values, experiences, interests, and education to shape perspective, actions, and positive outcomes. Equity seeks out fairness with an understanding that may not always be equal. Inclusion will be achieved by offering accessible opportunities for diverse individuals to feel their input matters. The Association continually strives to advance equity, cultivate diversity, and practice inclusion.